Score! You have found Fan Frenzy Gifts, the creators of high quality, well-designed, and fun for fans of any age! Starting in 2016, we began with only one school. In 2018, we expanded to over 30 schools, and we are not slowing down. Whether you are looking for some fun earrings for the game, or a sporty tie for work, or flexible silicone rings for the kids, Fan Frenzy Gifts has you covered.

Let’s roll the highlights:

  • Gameday gifts for under $25.00
  • Customized products for each fan base
  • Proven best-selling products
  • Versatile display programs for any retail location
  • Low minimums
  • Veteran team with decades of experience in the gift industry
  • Excellent customer service
  • Generous lifetime warranty


Currently Available Teams:

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To request a full Lifebeats catalog for your retail location, please e-mail, contact your sales rep, or log in to our retailer portal. You can also preview all of the products at