Thank you for your support of Lifebeats. We know that our success comes as a result of your success and we are dedicated to it! Check back often for support materials as you sell Lifebeats products.

Update 2/6/2019:

The 2019 Lifebeats catalog is now out! Download a digital copy here: 2019-Lifebeats-Catalog

Lifebeats Catalog 2019

Update 11-19-2018:

We have some information available on our new 2019 lines. Download your latest rep information here:

Rep Presentation

Update 6-18-2018:

Two big announcements today!

First, we are excited to announce the release of our two-sided and slat-wall Lifebeats programs. These programs are more affordable and may make better options for smaller retailers.

You can see which products are avaliable in these two programs with the links below:

Next up, based on popular demand, we have released a catalog. Please contact Doug if you would like printed version of it!

Update 6-4-2018:

Based on feedback from our reps (thank you and keep it coming!),
we are introducing some new display options to add some variety to the programs you can sell.

We now have a 2 sided spinner program LB20S (24 designs, $282.00 wholesale)
and a slat-wall unit LBW133 (20 designs, $244.00 wholesale).

We also have a new flier available that features these new display options
Click here to download.
This flyer also has the new products which are coming July 1, 2018.

Finally, we are also finalizing a new catalog that will be available in mid-June.
Please contact Doug for details.

LBW133 display                                                    LB20S display

Program Overview:

Also see: PDF overview of the Lifebeats program.

Selling Tips: