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Custom Keychain Lifebeats


Available attachments:
½” Split Ring, ¾” Split Ring,
1” Caribiner, 3” Lanyard
Minimum order 100 pieces.


Available in a variety
of chain styles and
lengths. Minimum order
100 pieces.


Available attachments:
Ball Chain or ½” Split
Ring. Choose between
laser engraved, enamel
fill or screen printed.
Minimum order 100 pieces.


Available attachments:
Butterfly clutch, Rubber
Clutch, Deluxe Clasp
Minimum order 100


Available medallion
attachments ½” ring
or jump ring.

Silicone Products:

Available items:
Bracelets, Bands,
Rings. Minimum order
100 pieces.

Zipper Pulls:

Available attachments:
Spring Clip, ½” Split Ring
¾” Lobster Claw
Minimum order 100 pieces.


Available lengths from
14 - 62” clip attachment
version available. Minimum
order 200 pieces.


Available options:
3D attachment,
Engraved, enamel
filled. Minimum order
100 pieces.


Available in stainless
steel, precious metals,
and silicone. Call for
options and pricing.

Printed Products:

Available items:
Greeting Cards, Bookmarks,
Business cards, Giftbags.

Crystal Cubes:

Available sizes:
2 5/16” cube
2 x 3½” rectangle
Minimum order 50 pieces.

Ordering Opitons

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  2. Phone: Select your options from this brochure and call us at 801-612-3030
  3. In Person: Come to our office and work directly with our sales and design staff: 2437 N Rulon White Blvd. Ogden UT 84404