Let’s talk about you. You’ve got a lot going for you. Your passions, your talents, your values, they are uniquely you. You choose which direction to go. We want to help you live your own beat. 

   More than just jewelry, Lifebeats helps you be true to yourself with meaningful easel cards that are easy to display wherever you choose. Express your love, your passion, your beat.

Discover your rhythm, express your beat

Each Lifebeat comes with three unique features: A beautiful jewelry item to wear, a keepsake easel card that you can display, and an assigned mantra that reflects values such as peace, love, self-worth, happiness, kindness, fearlessness, etc.

Share the good vibes

At Lifebeats our mission is to capture the joy and happiness that comes from living traditional values in products that are trendy, uplifting and fun to wear. Our team has created gifts in the jewelry industry for over thirty years, and have introduced Lifebeats because of our team’s passion to make the world a better place by bringing joy to individual lives. Lifebeats is a strong brand that is quickly growing across the country. Join our movement by recommending a retailer, becoming a retailer, becoming a regional representative, or becoming an online affiliate.

Lifebeats gifts
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Lifebeats gifts
Fan Frenzy gifts
Create your own Products!
With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we are the perfect partner to create your own custom product.
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